Children's Hospital Colorado

Welcome to Children's Hospital Colorado

Why choose Children's Hospital Colorado?

At Children's Hospital Colorado, we see more, treat more and heal more kids than any hospital in our region. We're experienced and forward-thinking when it comes to the latest methods for diagnosis and treatment. This translates into less invasive treatment, less time and less stress on you and your children.

Our specially trained pediatric experts recognize that families are our partners, which is why we deliver family-centered care. By making the hospital family-friendly, we make it easier for parents and siblings to be involved in the day-to-day medical, emotional and social needs of their child.

Our hospitals in Aurora, Colorado Springs, Broomfield and Highlands Ranch were designed and built to enhance care for kids. Using data and insights from innovative, evidence-based studies, we created spaces that help us speed kids to recovery. From private patient rooms and healing color therapy to beautiful views of Colorado’s impressive nature, every last detail helps kids get better faster and reduces stress on the whole family.

Our mission

When it was founded in 1908 in Denver, Children's Colorado set out to be a leader in providing the best healthcare outcomes for children. That calling has consistently made us one of the top children's hospitals in the nation and a place parents across the Rocky Mountain region have come to trust.

Our modern-day mission is to improve the health of children through the provision of high-quality coordinated programs of patient care, education, research and advocacy.

In addition to providing the best possible care for kids who need it, we also work hard to keep kids out of the hospital. Through medical research and advocacy efforts, we are working towards a world where kids are safer and healthier and will one day have less need for a hospital.

Patient care

As a private, nonprofit pediatric healthcare network, Children's Colorado is 100% dedicated to caring for kids at all ages and stages of growth. We have more than 3,000 pediatric specialists and more than 8,000 full-time employees helping to carry out our mission.

We provide comprehensive pediatric care at our hospital on Anschutz Medical Campus and at several locations throughout the region.

No matter which location you visit, you'll receive the best possible care for your kids with our specially trained staff and facilities designed just for kids. Unlike other hospitals and urgent care locations, we partner with your child's pediatrician or your family doctor to make sure you receive integrated care.

Children's Colorado is the only dedicated Level 1 trauma center in the region, handling the most challenging emergencies. We offer emergency and urgent care at multiple locations, as well as numerous specialty care centers and clinics.

In addition to these locations, we bring our expertise to doctors and families throughout the Rocky Mountain region with more than 400 outreach clinics every year.

Ongoing doctor education

Children's Colorado is committed to providing continuing educational opportunities that will enhance and advance the pediatric knowledge and clinical skills of doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals across the region. These educational topics range from primary care to critical care and are available in-person and online. This is our way of ensuring kids across the region have access to up-to-date techniques and treatment for kids.

Cutting-edge pediatric research

We are at the forefront of research in childhood disease with several nationally and internationally recognized medical and surgical programs. Together, with our partners, we are responsible for virtually all of the pediatric research published in the Rocky Mountain region for at least a decade. We are always striving to find new and better ways to cure kids so you can be sure you are receiving the best care for your child at our facilities.

Children's health policy advocacy

Our clinical work may be the most visible part of our mission, but advocacy is just as important. Advocacy is how we influence decisions relating to children's health policy issues, such as injury prevention and access to quality care.

Children's Colorado's advocacy efforts expand out into communities across Colorado and are aimed at making sure that kids' concerns are always heard when public policies are made.

From providing immunizations and car seat checks, our goal is to help keep kids healthy and out of the hospital. We envision a world where no child needs a hospital. Until we make that happen, we're here for your kids.

Health equity

Children’s Colorado believes that we are responsible for addressing the health disparities that impact our patients and community and striving for health equity. Fostering health equity requires intentionally removing obstacles to health, such as poverty, food insecurity, discrimination and more, and providing all families with access to the resources and opportunities they need to attain their highest level of health. 

We’re continually working toward our goal of achieving health equity, and we’re proud of the progress we’ve made. Thanks to the commitment of our team members, we’ve built programs and initiatives that focus on addressing the root cause of inequities and connect families with services and resources that can support them in their healthcare journey.

Learn more about our commitment to health equity